The Premier School of Self Defense in Central Texas

Specializing in Tae Kwon Do, Combat Hapkido, Ryukyu Kempo, Tai Chi and Kung Fu!

        Welcome to Shin's Martial Arts. The following information will better prepare you for training, not only at at our School but at any Martial Arts School. Our Grandmaster Instructors, Martin Heese and Gary Richardson, along with all the other Black Belt Instructors and Assistant Instructors are here to guide you toward greater self-discipline and confidence as your flexibility, balance and overall conditioning improves. Our program gradually guides you to improved fitness and a greater knowledge of self-defense.

        All classes begin with saluting the American Flag and then the Instructors. Saluting the Flag demonstrates respect and appreciation for our country and the people who have fought to keep us Free. Bowing to the Instructors demonstrates respect and recognizes their belt level and Martial Arts knowledge. This honor is accorded to all that progress into the higher belt levels.

        Most students attend an average of two classes per week, but you may attend every class for your belt rank and below. We ask that you always try to promote a good image for Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido. Training and practice should be done in a suitable facility and should never be taken lightly. Training and practice should never be done on a street corner, school, or at work.

        Students should never use their skills for offensive purposes. The skills you acquire can have devastating and even lethal effect when used against others.

Martial arts should ONLY BE USED IN THE DEFENSE of yourself and or others to PROTECT from harm by violence.

        Nutrition and Exercise are two keys to a healthier life style. We at Shin's Martial Arts can help you with the exercise part, but YOU must take control of you diet. Remember, it's best to stay away foods that contain alot of refined sugar (Junk Food; cake, candy, soft drinks, etc.). For more energy, it's a good idea to eat foods such as, Fruits, Vegetables, Pasta, and other foods that contain simple sugars such as Fructose and Glycose. To help prevent dehydration, remember to drink plenty of water to replace what you burn off during exercise.


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